Expert Abacus Teacher Training

Kids Inteligence offers Skill Based (Certified) Teacher Training with in depth subject knowledge and Practical approach.

Our “Abacus Teacher Training Course” is designed to qualify teachers to start conducting classes for students and establish their own Abacus Training Centres after successful completion.

Many of our students have started conducting abacus training courses for students from their own homes.

Eligibility :

Anyone with a minimum Higher Secondary Certificate level education can join the course. Having a background/ interest in the teaching field is also desirable.

The course includes the following:

  • Introduction to Abacus
  • Abacus fingering techniques
  • Basic arithmetic functions
  • Advanced arithmetic functions
  • Decimal functions
  • Decimal multiplications decimal duration
  • Negative number exercises
  • Preparing tables on abacus
  • Reverse tables on abacus
  • Using abacus mentally
  • Arithmetic functions using mental abacus
  • Activities to teach in abacus course
  • And Advanced Calculations on Abacus

After completion of course:

  • One can join as an abacus teacher where required
  • One can start teaching abacus from home.

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