Online Abacus Home Study Kit

Kids Intelligence Provides this Unique "Online Abacus Home Study Kit" which is extremely helpful to all kids , their Parents , abacus teachers and also to the individuals who are willing to start their own Abacus coaching.

Are you facing any one of the following issue ?

  • You want to put your child to Abacus class , but No time to pick up & drop
  • No time because of other activities in weekend
  • No Abacus center near your house
  • Your child is going to Abacus class , but you cannot help her /him to solve their problems at home
  • You are a teacher, and want to start Abacus class to help kids and start extra earning , but dont want to take franchisee
  • You are a housewife and want to create your own Education business , but dont want to invest huge money.
  • You want to learn Abacus , but there is no training center near your area.
  • Then this "Online Abacus Home Study Kit" will definitely help you.

Advantages of "Online Abacus Home Study Kit"

  • Easy to understand.
  • Student can manage his /her own time to learn Abacus.
  • No need to travel .
  • Once downloaded ,the course remains with you.
  • No internet connection required every time to learn Abacus.
  • Student can repeat the lesson number of times he / she wants.
  • Parents can learn and teach Abacus to their child.
  • Practice book will help to practice more & more
  • The “Online Abacus Home Study Kit“ is effective training for each and every person who wants to develop their mental abilities.

Course Includes following techniques in Audio Video form with practice book ( printable pdf format ).

  • Introduction of Abacus
  • Finguring on Abacus
  • Basic Numer introduction on Abacus
  • Basic Addition Subtraction on Abacus
  • Higher Addition Subtraction on Abacus
  • Basic Multiplication on Abacus
  • Higher Multiplication on Abacus
  • Basic division on Abacus
  • Higher division on Abacus
  • Decimal Numbers addition subtraction on Abacus
  • How to prepare tables on Abacus
  • Reverse tables on Abacus
  • Using Abacus Mentally
  • Doing Addition subtraction by using Mental Abacus
  • Doing Multiplication by using Mental Abacus
  • Activities to teach in Abacus course