NLP for Parents

"Why go to the counsellor , when you know your child better than a counsellor ?"​
Become a counsellor for your child and be ready to help your child any time.

Join us for a Training specially created for YOU, NLP Training for Parents & Teachers on the 24th - 25th June 2017,Andheri (east)

YOU will learn How to communicate with children more effectively and understand them without getting confused .
Effective communication can solve many problems like change in undesirable habits to an excellent academic performance .
To keep up with today's pace and competitive environment, parents have to evolve and understand the changing psychology of the child.
I have helped hundreds of parents to help their children through effective communication. Help yourself grab the tools required for continuous growth and get proven results.

This Training is for YOU If....

  • YOU want to become a parent who is always ready with some effective tools to help their child for his/her continuous progress.
  • YOU feel as a parent you need to change something but don't know, exactly what you need to change ?
  • YOU have tried many techniques to change an undesirable habit but it's not working.
  • YOU are tired of the behaviour of your child of not listening to you.
  • YOU have to scold them to complete their homework.
  • YOU are taking efforts and still academic performance is not improving.
  • YOU are worried about your child's handwriting.
  • YOU are becoming impatient while handling your child.
  • YOU are struggling to manage your profession and responsibilities towards your child as a mother / father.
  • YOU are worried about how to restrict /handle your child form digital world like TV, Mobile , internet ,cartoons.
  • YOU are looking for something which will help you to put your message in your child's mind effortlessly .

If this is "YOU", there is a solution

  • Learn NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming )
  • NLP is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grindler
  • NLP is the science of patterns in human behavior , NLP is solutions to issues and challenges of human behavior

Who All Can attend this training

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Counselor
  • College Students
  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Doctors

What are the benefits of NLP Training to Individual

  • Understand your colleague , spouse , children ,friends , client , customers & anyone just by listening & observing their communication & body language.
  • Understand Your own limits & Learn to eliminate that with ease
  • Learn New Skills of Counseling
  • Understand your children by looking at their eyes
  • Change your undesired behaviour & habits and create more pleasant personality
  • Maintain Emotional balance.
  • Manage Anger , sadness , guilt and other disturbing emotions.