New Age Parenting

New Age Parental Program is for today's generations couple (Parent) . As we are facing rapid changes in everything like lifestyle , food , technology ... and so many aspects of life . In the fast life today's MOM's are also changing very drastically ... As before few years would be mom's and Mom's were focused only on family life. They used to take care of children making food for them , giving 100% time to them . But Now a days as situation demands, Moms not only handling their family life , but also they are become career oriented and breaking comfort zone to create their Identity .

At one side this change is helping families to live healthy lifestyle ... and at other side as a "Parents" many couple facing day to day problems such as ... Time for their kids....Technology engagement , study problems , emotional on...

The world is changing , technology is changing , lifestyle is also changing ,change in every area of life is happening very fastly ....And if you see very carefully today's generation is also changing ....

With this change parents are facing many questions

As we know all today's world is " Instant World " ...everything is available as we demand ....such as ...instant food , instant communication , instant purchase of anything from anywhere ....and a lot....

I personally feel , this instant things have lead to " Impatienceness " in everyone more or less ...

And same thing happening with Kids also ...This impatienceness is cause to Emotional Disturbance & Imbalance ... ‚Äč

What is "New Age Parental " course ?

" New Age Parental " Course is Action & Result oriented course . Parents will discover their strength & weaknesses as a parent , to help their kids to develop in their unique way .
The course will help to find out answers for many " why " and " How " .
This course is an opportunity to every parent to correct their Childhood for their child before Time passes .

Who can join this Program ?

Expecting Parents , Parents who have kids of any age (preferable below 21 years)

How it will Help to overcome Day to Day issues ?

The Course will help to shift mindset and attitude towards the day to day issue.
The shift will help to convert small issues into the action & learning for development of child .

What is the duration of Program ?

Duration for this course is one Month . (Every sunday : 4 sunday) . There will be gap of 6 days ( Mon -Fri ).

why there is gap of one week ?

After Each session (after every sunday) there will be the home work which students (Parents) have to do everyday. The Homework method will help parents to use the techniques and learning of course in practical life .

Why Kids Inteligence ?

" Kids Inteligence " is an Institute which is committed for Kids Overall development through different workshops ,courses ,seminars, activities . And Intention Behind this " New Age Parental " course is also " Kids Development " only .