Brain Development Workshop

Brain & Emotional Development training refers to a Training whose main objective is to balance both Left and Right Brain as well as emotional disturbance

To BALANCE both Left brain and Right brain

To help the Left brain and Right brain COMMUNICATE easily and freely

With whole-brain fully functioning at will, HIDDEN POTENTIALS will be unleashed

Most children diminish & vanish their INTUITIVE ABILITIES when they are adult

Mostly LEFT BRAIN DOMINATES right brain when children grow up, as a result intuition, imagination, visualization diminish/ vanishes.

Emotion Management techniques makes students stress free ,fear free.

Kids above 5 years / college students / Professionals /Parents all can do this workshop .

For maximum effective result perfect age group is 5 to 15 years and 16 to 21 years . Above that those who are willing to improve their brain abilities and Emotional Intelligence , they can join the workshop . As there is no age limit who have strong will power .

Workshop Helps to a Improve overall personality such as the level of confidence , alertness , Intuition level . As well as Memory Power , Concentration level , imagination power and most important is creativity .

Other than that benefits for individual varies as many of get unexpected result .

If your child is facing one of the following issues , then this workshop will be helpful for your child.

Distraction while doing one activity .

Forgetting small things

Not focused on study or other activity

Very Shy , cant speak confidently

Stage fear

Very hyper

Poor academic performance

Specific fear related any subject or anything .

This course is master course of all short term courses . The final goal of any course is improving student's mental abilities in different field .

This workshop is aimed at not only improving mental abilities but also their physical and emotional abilities.

Brain-mind-body has a great connection on deep level. Here with the help of physical activities and excercises we teach kids to make brain friendship . And also kids learn the basics of " identifying and managing their emotions " with simple techniques .

Emotion management technique is most important for todays fast generation .

We have seen amazing results in students academis while we worked on their issues like " exam fear and subject fear " .

The Duration of the course is 6 Months. 2 Days (full day) in 1st month and then once / twice a month (full day).

From 2nd month to 6th month there are followup sessions which are important to attende as this followup session will help them to boost their development .

Being good in academics means not everything is good . And ofcourse , even though child is good in academics ,this workshop will take him / her to the next level of development . As there is always scope of improvement and development which has no limit .

Fee for this workshop is 15000 /- . This is like one time investment for Kids Future . They are going to learn and actualy practice the most important tool for their overall development .

As this workshop is Full day , we provide Breakfast , lunch , snack , which is 100 % hygenic and majority time (almost always) it is homemade only .

Practice kit ( Excercise CD , booklet , blindflood practice tools ) .​

During this 6 ,months period parents and children can take 3 counselling sessions , free of cost worth rupees 2400 /- for any issues like ( fear , anger , concentration problem ,any habit related issue )

As long as you keep practicing the techniques and excerxise , result will improve 100% . Without dedicated practice , we have seen atleast 3 years result remains same .​

Once student have a golden key in their hand , using the key is their task . We are always ready for any support .