About Us

About Kids Intelligence

Kiids Intelligence is supportive Educational Company engaged in providing end-to-end solutions for brain development of child with quality Education.

Preschool serves as the basis and plays an important role for future learning. With the aim to meet aspirations of children, we have been offering quality educational courses since 2009. Our innovative learning and creative ideas of our teaching professionals assist us to create a better learning environment. The professionals are trained for the course and are experienced in the domain. They understand the exact requirements of basic education and work hard towards the improvement of child's brain. We nurture the pupils with new ideas and work for their blooming future.

We maintain a cordial atmosphere and use advanced teaching techniques for complete development of kids' brainpower. Our teaching material and tools are designed with greate care and research. Further, there are different programs for kits according to the understanding of a child. We believe in practical learning solutions and thus use innovative tools. Many parents have appreciated us for improvement in their child's performance after joining the Kids Intelligence. Kids Inteligence not only focus on development of educational areas but also other areas of personal development such as Physical ,Emotional,Mental...

The Founder of Kids Inteligence's , Mrs. Shubhada Bhave & her team, is dedicated for student's Emotional & Mental Development.Their efforts has gained a title of trustworthy institute in the field of education. Mrs. Shubhada Bhave is strong believer that "every child is uniqe & they have an unique mental ability ,we just have to find out that and improve that unique ability to make our kid " STAR "

Teacher Head as well as partner ,Ms. Sudaivi Dhanu completely agree her & she feel that this is Teachers Primary role to provide personal attention for finding that unique ability.