About Us

About Kids Inteligence

“All children are unique and have their own unique abilities. All we have to do as teachers is to find and nurture that uniqueness which makes that child special. If we do that, then every child has the potential to become a star.”

– Mrs. Shubhada Bhave, Founder, Kids Inteligence .

Kids Inteligence is a supportive education company engaged in providing end-to-end solutions for the development of children’s brains through quality education.

The aim of preschool is to provide a strong foundation for future learning. We at Kids Inteligence have been offering high quality educational courses since 2009. Our aim has always been to meet the aspirations of children. The innovative learning techniques and creative ideas employed by our highly trained and experienced teaching professionals help create a better learning environment for the improvement of each child’s mental capacity.

Our teaching materials and tools are designed with great care and rigorous research. The different programmes are aimed at targeting the specific needs of each individual child. Our philosophy is to nurture the uniqueness of each child. We believe in not just educational development, but the development of each aspect of a child’s personality, be it physical, emotional, or mental.

Our Founder Mrs. Shubhada Bhave, Teaching Head and the rest of the team here at Kids Inteligence are dedicated to the development of each student through personal attention. Their efforts have made us a trustworthy name in the field of education.